Personal introduction

Where I come from

I was born in Prague in 1963, and spent my childhood and early studies in Prague 6 – Brevnov (near Hradčany, a forest park Obora Hvězda and Ladronka park), however the roots of my family lie in a more distant region – in the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands (place of origin of my relative, composer Gustav Mahler, as well as of my father, a writer and a publicist, Dr. Zdeněk Mahler), and in the Křivoklát region in the Berounka river valley, a place of origin of my mother's family line.

Original profession

My original profession (since my childhood until the college studies and my first job) was influenced by my strong interest in the nature and animals (above all the horses – for many years I actively went in for horse riding), and after all, I am still devoted to this hobby. However, it was my many years' stay in the Mácha's region with its enchanting nature and countryside which I got to know closely both during my active work in the agriculture, as a tourist as well as from the horse saddle, that had a fundamental influence on my decision regarding the choice of my field of studies and my subsequent specialization. After graduating from the Johannes Kepler Grammar School in Hradčany I decided to enrol at the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague, department of animal husbandry with specialization in veterinary obstetrics and prevention. My resolution to start with actual practice was met right with my first job (1985) in the then unified agricultural cooperative where I worked as an animal husbandry specialist focusing on management of the feed industry issues, veterinary prevention and obstetrics. At the same time, my constant and strong interest in breeding horses led me already in the course of 1989 (and shortly before the "Velvet Revolution") to instigate privately a very first participation of Czech companies at a world horse breeding and riding exhibition Equitana in Essen, Germany. A year after, I founded and led for the three subsequent years a Horse Breeders' Association in the Czech Republic (Asociace svazů chovatelů koní v České republice) that still runs its activities and flourishes.

Transition to my lecturing career

Already in 1987 to 1990 I worked as an assistant professor and led several seminars, practical workshops and lectures for college students (at the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague, then in the field of veterinary prevention and obstetrics). I began to combine regularly my lecturing practice with my journalistic activities – as the author of various texts, photographs and partially also drawings of three books of popular science (Slavní koně, Člověk a kůň, Pocta koním). I also took part in preparation of other two books of photographs. I also worked as an editor' consultant, author of various articles and photographs for a professional magazine, and I cooperated with the Czech Radio and Czech Television.

Right after the "Velvet Revolution" in 1989, I began to acquire a valuable practice for my current activities (lecturing, training and consulting activities in the field of the soft skills). At that time I worked as the very first business representative of a German dairy production holding for the territory of the then Czechoslovakia (I supervised contractual manufacture, import, distribution and sale of dairy products of the food industry for the network of retailers, and of the feed industry for agriculture). As the business representative I gradually worked my way up to the post of a manager of the local national commercial representation. In the course of my career development, I enthusiastically and actively took part in various courses of business, communication, presentation and managerial skills.

I made my final decision in 1994 when after having obtained sufficient education in many soft skills courses, and business and managerial practice at a foreign company, I accepted the challenge and offer to pursue this new professional career, and become a lecturer, a coach and a soft skills consultant. And I am active in this field up to the present.

After the first few years of active lecturing I established my own educational company in 2000 called Educatio Mahler, s.r.o.

Language skills

I speak Czech, Slovak, English and Russian.

Marital status and family life

I am married and I live with my wife Hana both in the Křivoklát region and in Prague. We have two adult daughters who study by turns at foreign as well as Czech universities (media studies and communication + European studies and foreign languages).