Coaching and mentoring

Coaching proves to be one of the most significant forms of leadership. It is based on active learning and training of the trainee who is led by an experienced coach using various meticulous methods with a series of premeditated questions. – It requires a completely different approach than we have been so far used to. The main reward of it is the fact that if the trainee discovers and acquires all required elements or skills by himself, it is highly probable that he will also apply it actively and responsibly in his practice.

Coaching thus becomes a very promising tool for achieving quick application in the practice, employee development, taking over responsibilities and fulfilling the predetermined objectives.

Mentoring is a method of leading employees that works on the principle of developing less experienced individuals (mentees) with the help of senior and more experienced persons in the given field (mentors). It enables transfer of experience and allows suitable methods of advice. Besides the role of a trainer, the mentor thus also works as an advisor, and he also tends to be engaged in the process of evaluating the mentee’s work performance. The mentor helps him learn himself, his potential, opportunities and capabilities.