Facilitation and hosting at workshops and conferences

Facilitation enables – through an experienced and often also external facilitator – lead the group of participants at a meeting, workshop or complicated negotiations over a given topic (for instance disclosure, analysis and resolution of problematic issues or process within the business and management, adoption of suitable decisions, setup of plans and goals, increase of productivity and effectiveness of employees, improvement of communication, delegating and accepting responsibilities, support of loyalty and togetherness with the company etc.) to a predefined and requested objective. It often happens despite of various specific pitfalls as undesirable company or working stereotypes, risks of not quite objective or professional approach of internal employees, the so called professional blindness, ineffective communication or misunderstandings and ambiguities among the employees.

A facilitators is thus an expert in "leading the process of understanding each other". He directs the participants' energy to the given topic and chooses apt methods of conducting negotiations according to current situation – always so that he allowed all participants to take active part in it and express their opinion in an objective and safe atmosphere.