Interim management

Expert services and activities of a professional who is hired by the given company for a definite period in order to achieve the predefined objective in a clear deadline and within the predefined budget, while this interim manager actively manages process in the given company for which he/she was hired (or, as the case may be, focuses on requested areas). The interim manager is thus integrated in the company organizational structure for the whole period – he/she may for example temporarily take over the management of a business department in the company or head an HR project.

When it is convenient to hit an "interim manager"

  • Necessity of an impartial point of view.
  • Realization of a certain project under the situation when all employees are fully exploited and no further recruitment is expected.
  • The existing team lacks competencies or experience with the given process.
  • You are not successful in finding a suitable manager for a full-time employment.
  • Temporary need of a specialist.

Benefits of using an "interim manager"

  • No dependence on management.
  • Long-year experience of the lecturer/consultant/"interim manager" from various branches of industry and projects.
  • Stable know-how.
  • Advantage of an external employment.

Managers' services for a definite period for project management, coverage of instant shortages of staff and crisis management supported by experts from the company consulting facilities.